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My Circle of Health | Making Your Well Being a Top Priority

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest her patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease,” said Thomas Edison more than a hundred years ago.

Accordingly, it was his insight that provided the foundation for MyCircle of Health – a new concept that includes a set of tools individuals can use to improve their health one percent at a time and enjoy the process too.

This unique approach to health is totally customized and leads participants through practical steps and easy to follow suggestions. Unlike other programs, there are no prescriptions and preset goals.

Individuals set their own objectives and preferred methods for accomplishing them. As a result, people who use this process experience greater satisfaction and results.

Today, people often feel dissatisfied with the traditional health care system, partly because of increasing costs for health insurance and partly because of the overwhelming amount of information available to help people take charge of their own health.

When individuals identify their health values and deeper knowledge systems, they become the gatekeeper for their own health choices.


Where to Start


This brief questionnaire helps readers determine their predisposition to consider a new model of health:

  • Are you committed to adopt improved health and well being?
  • Are you ready to put your health first and see your life through the lens of health?
  • Have you or someone you know experienced a health challenge in recent months?
  • Are you open to making behavioral changes that support your progress toward well being?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are ready to gain the maximum benefit from participating in a My Circle of Health interactive experience.


MyCircle of Health


The My Circle of Health is an interactive learning experience that helps people improve health in a practical, meaningful and effective way. Participants use the coaching tools, techniques and processes to:

  1. Rate their satisfaction level with their life and their health today.
  1. Identify the role health is playing in your life today and consider how your daily choices impact your health.
  2. Choose one area of your health to improve by one percent.
  1. Identify and access your inner voice.
  1. Design, and develop your custom health program.

My Circle of Health: The Process



The process starts with the awareness that putting health first is an optimal choice and one that leads to a fully expressed life. Learning to see your life “though the lens of health” expands your ability to choose healthy actions in addition to what you feel you “must” do.

Making choices before a health crisis occurs is easier then once a crisis has occurred. Just as it is easier to notice that you are building a sandcastle far away from the waves that can destroy it.


Completing the Health Assessment Wheel

Next, participants rate their current health satisfaction level by creating and completing their own, Health Assessment Wheel. The circle has eight equal quadrants. Each quadrant of the health assessment represents a key area of your health.

Participants rate their satisfaction level for each quadrant based on a scale of zero (not satisfied) and ten (completely satisfied).


Life Coaching Techniques

Once the quadrants are labeled, participants experience life coaching techniques to experience relaxation, guided visualization, and inner-core life coaching processes, to reveal their inner knowing and identify a solid first step towards health.

Next, participants are encouraged to ask this of themselves, “What might I do to improve my health by at least one percent?”

Answers come quickly, and people are surprised at their clarity of response to the questions. Hearing the voice of their “inner wisdom,” which comes from accessing the unconscious mind, also inspires them.

Life coaching tools are used to help deepen the experience by asking a series of questions that start with, “What is valuable about taking this health step now?”  What will change in your life by taking this step now?” What will others notice if you take this step now?”

These questions identify each person’s deepest values and allow them to connect their intended actions to what they find most important. This process is one of the critical steps to paving the path for success by learning to listen to and trust the deeper knowledge system within each individual.


Forming Goals

The next step is to formulate health goals that are realistic, measurable and reasonable for each person to achieve within the next three months.


Some examples include:

  • Add three green salads a week to the food plan.
  • Practice deep breathing four times a week for at least ten minutes per session.
  • Stop watching television or reading negative information before going to bed.
  • Perform stretching exercises daily.
  • Eat small meals often, rather than three large


Build Upon Successes


Small successes lead to increased confidence that in turn leads to even greater achievement. The participants choose a select group of people to help support their health program by using the health partner criteria developed for the workshop. They are encouraged to choose health professionals, services and products that align with their values.

The choices are documented on a health program guide, and participants are asked to view the guide and recite the goals aloud daily for the next three months. This time period allows new attitudes and behaviors to become firmly established.

Most participants find this commitment easy to embrace because it has arisen out of their own deepest ideals. Daily communication with their support networks provides external validation for these new behaviors.


A Fully Expressed Life


A life with health at its core supports one’s deepest values and fuels one’s dreams.

Whatever the motivation, whether it is to enjoy one’s family, pursue greater career accomplishments, pursue personal growth or contribute to the bettering of society, health is a key ingredient to ensure success.

When health is given top priority, creative juices begin to flow and dreams that have been compromised away or forgotten begin to reveal them once again.

Would you like to have a My Circle of Health interactive experience? Fill out the form at the Get in Touch Tab.


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