My Wish for You is…


…life shows you kindness, loving, total health, fun and abundance!

I sure you would agree this journey of life could use a hand!  For me that means doing my best, asking for help, allowing myself to receive it and sharing what I find that works.

In 2004 I was offered a hand.  A gift of nutrients that have supported me through the worst of life’s twists and turns.  Saying “yes” allowed me to have the clarity to rebuild my life and support my loved one.

Now I have the chance to offer you a gift as a way for you to choose these nutrients to support your mental clarity, focus, ability to deal with stress, balance your blood sugar and more.

This gift card program gives you up to $50.00 off and free shipping for three months.  I love all of the products have a 90 day money back guarantee.


Here are some people who have benefited.

"I am a neuroscientist, physician, metabolic fitness counselor, Food-as-Medicine expert, yoga and meditation facilitator, empowerment professional, and founder of “Conversations With Cancer”.

One of the side benefits of engaging in this team is to meet the amazing people who are attracted to supporting people to improve their health. Every time I hear Dr Tom speak, I learn new ways to integrate health into my daily life."

~ Dr. Tom Acklin

"I am so excited to share that I am 72, building muscle and run circles around 40 year old women working out with me!

It was not always like this for me. Ten years ago I was hurting, could not use my fingers to shampoo my hair, and my felt my energy slipping away day-by-day.

My friend showed me how I could try a unique combination of nutrients from Univera she called “designed intelligence” That means all the nutrients give my body the nourishment they are looking for and would support me to have my vitality back. There was no fear as I had 90 days to take them, and if I did not see results, I could return the products. I have never had 90 days to try a products from any other company!"

~ Peggy Campagna

Here’s How This Gift Can Really Help You

These are just a few benefits:

  • Capture Life’s Best Moments with more Vital Energy!*
  • Stay Sharp with Improved Mental Clarity!*
  • Stress–Proof Your Day with Calm Alertness!*
  • Act As Young As You Feel with Joint Comfort!*
  • Move Effortlessly! Play Fearlessly! Feel Phenomenal!

Here’s Some More Info About Me Rhetah Kwan

One of the “key” things each of us is here to do is to connect with our unique frequency. The signature of who we are that makes us totally unique. When that happens we become aware of a knowing that leads us to manifest what we came here to be and do.  This alignment can focus us, heal us, and attract people who share our vision and mission.