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Change is happening constantly… yet, we only notice it when we believe it helps or hurts us.  When it helps, we are grateful. When it hurts we shut down, and can feel we are being punished, or have failed and can feel very alone.

You are not alone.  My greatest strength is the ability to witness you, listen to your whole being  speaking and help you connect with your core energy which is where your answers live. When you learn to tune into this energy and pause to listen deeply, it can become your guide.  This alignment helps you release what is not serving you and embrace more of who you are. In times of great change it is this energy, this frequency that brings to light choices and resources enabling you to navigate through difficult times and, for some, manifest your dearest desires.

~ ~ ~

As a self-made business leader and Certified Coach, I learned by direct experience how to thrive amidst life’s most challenging cycles of transformation.  By trusting and connecting with the heart and core of who I am, the healing, the reinvention and the ability to live my passion emerged.

Since 1990, before I knew what to call it, the model of asking curious questions and deep listening spoke to me. It is the way of allowing and supporting myself through the journey from barely surviving to thriving. It is the connection and clarity of unwinding who you are not and revealing who you are and what you truly want while learning to be open and access the resources available to you.


“Rhetah Kwan is one of those rare exceptional people you might meet once or twice in a lifetime.  Her intuition, intelligence and compassion are what you see on the surface. Underneath is a foundation of spirituality and practicality that support her impressive talents.  She is an effective coach for those who are serious about their journey and a remarkable resource for those who are overwhelmed by their current circumstances. “
– Dr. Rick Wyckoff



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